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Ornamental Pebbles can be purchased by 15kg or 20kg bag.

Red Polished 20-50mm

Red Polished 20-50mm.

Gold Polished 20-50mm

Gold Polished 20-50mm.

White Polished 20-50mm

White Polished 20-50mm.

Black polished 20-50mm

Black polished 20-50mm.

Black Polish 7-10mm

Black Polished 20-30mm.

Black Polish 30-50mm

Black Polished 30-50mm.

Black Polish 50-70mm

Black Polished 50-70mm.


Tiger Polished.

Ideal for Fish Tanks, Exposed Aggregate etc.

Pure White Chips 7-10mm

Pure White Tumbled chips 7-10mm

Black Marble chips 14-25mm

Black Tumbled chips 7-10mm.

Pink Marble chips 14-25mm

Pink Tumbled chips 7-10mm.

Mix various colours to create your own feature.

Mixed Pebbles Mixed Pebbles Mixed Pebbles
White Tumbled Pebbles

White Tumbled Pebbles 20-30mm

Black Tumbled Pebbles

Black Tumbled Pebbles 20-30mm

Pink Tumbled Pebbles

Pink Tumbled Pebbles 20-30mm

Marble Chip 7-10mm

Pure White Marble Chips 7-10mm.

Pure White Marble chips 14-25mm

Pure White Marble chips 14-25mm.

Speckled Pebbles

Speckled Pebbles 50-70mm.

Turquoise 20-30mm

Turquoise 20-30mm.

Turquoise 25-50mm

Turquoise 25-50mm.

Turquoise 50-70mm

Turquoise 50-70mm.

White Flat

White Flat

White 10-20mm

White Pebbles 10-20mm.

White 30-50mm

White Pebbles 30-50mm.

Black 15-20mm

Black Pebbles 15-20mm.

Black 20-30mm

Black Pebbles 20-30mm.

Black 35-50mm

Black Pebbles 35-50mm.

Coffs Gold is suitable for Swimming Pools Walls and Floors, Fish Tanks, Bore Casing and Exposed Aggregate Concrete.
ALSO Available to your requirements:- Straight 3mm White & Black Pebble and Blue Crystal for Swimming Pools.

Coffs Gold 1.6

Coffs Gold Pebble 1.6mm.

Coffs Gold 3mm

Coffs Gold Pebbles 3mm.

Coffs Gold 6

Coffs Gold Pebbles 6mm.

Coffs Gold Mix 1.6mm

Coffs Gold Pebbles Mix 1.6mm.

Coffs Gold Mix 6mm

Coffs Gold Pebbles Mix 6mm.

Multicolour 7-10mm

Multicoour 7-10mm.

Volcanic Aerated Stone
Ideal for growing Orchids and Bio-Filtration - Aquaculture.

Scoria 10mm

Scoria 10mm.

Scoria 20mm

Scoria 20mm.

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