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Cement Pavers
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Cherry Brown 190mm

Cherry Brown 190mm2.

Cinnamon Black 190mm

Cinnamon Black 190mm2.

Great Range of colours including Charcoal, Bronze, Sandstone, Sunset, Terracota and Zebra.

Patio Pavers 285mm²

Patio Pavers 285mm²

Patio Pavers 285mm²

Patio Pavers 285mm²

Terracota large paver 450

Terracota large paver 6002.

Textured Top Non-Skid

Textured Top Non-Skid 6002.

Rustic Split Face

Rustic Split Face 600mm X 450mm.

Textured Terracota

Textured Terracota 6002.



Sleeper Look Pavers 450mm²

Sleeper Look Pavers 450mm²


Cowpat Steppers.

Flagstone Pavers 450mm²

Flagstone Pavers 450mm².

Log Look Small Steppers

Log Look Small Steppers.

Sandstone large paver 600

Sandstone large paver 6002.

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